Why Professional Garage Door Installation Is Necessary

10 June 2016
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Are you tired of your current garage door? Do you wish that the previous owner had chosen something more interesting or aesthetically pleasing? Garage doors are one of the first things that people can see about a home, yet not everyone cares enough about them to choose ones that are attractive. If you've decided to be one of the people who care, you may be thinking about trying to do the installation yourself to save a little money. While you can sometimes save money on home improvement by performing tasks yourself, here are some reasons why you should seriously consider letting a professional from a company like Shank Door do the job:

Safety: You would hopefully never do serious electrical work without proper training, since miswiring something could be potentially serious enough to burn your house down. Garage door installation can also be dangerous, if attempted by a non-professional. The spring or springs that hold the weight of the door so that the motor can do its work can snap unexpectedly, causing damage to anyone or anything nearby. The door or door panels can also be heavier than you might expect, potentially causing injury if they are dropped or otherwise mishandled. Garage door professionals will know about the possible risks and will know how to reduce the possibility of damage to your property. Because they'll be handling the equipment and not you, the possibility of injury to you or your family will be eliminated.

Speed: If you don't know how to do a proper garage door installation, you will likely spend much of the time going back and forth between whatever manual came with the new garage door, instructional online videos, and trying to actually perform the installation. As a result, even if you do somehow manage to do the installation, it could take you many times longer to finish than it would take a professional. Since this is something that garage door professionals do every day, they should be finished with the job in a matter of just a couple hours. Leave the installation to a professional so that you can do something more important during that time.

Parts: If you've already started shopping for new garage door equipment, you may have already discovered that you're having a difficult time locating some of the parts that are needed. This is, unfortunately for keen DIYers, by design. Due to the potential safety issues outlined above, many garage door manufacturers are reluctant to sell any parts to the public. If you order these parts, you may find that the seller is peddling used or inferior products and not the genuine article. Garage door installation professionals will have access to all of the parts that are needed, allowing them to put your new garage door in without you needing to worry about the parts being somehow incorrect or being poorly manufactured.