Maintaining Your Commercial Garage Door

6 April 2017
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Access to a garage door that opens automatically can make it easier for you to send and receive loads of goods at your place of business. A commercial garage door faces a lot more use than a residential door, since the commercial door could be opened numerous times throughout the course of a day. Ensuring that your commercial garage door is properly maintained is critical when it comes to the safety and performance of the door.

Here are three simple tips that you can use to keep your commercial garage door in good repair well into the future.

1. Establish a regular inspection schedule.

Inspecting your commercial garage door for signs of damage is critical when it comes to keeping the door in good repair. You should take the time to incorporate the inspection of your company's garage door into your building's routine maintenance schedule.

Ensure that you are closely examining the quality of the door's seals and that you look at the tracks and bearings for signs of corrosion or damage. Lubricate the moving parts of the garage door during each inspection to ensure proper movement. Regularly inspecting your garage door will allow you to spot and repair any damage before it compromises the safety and performance of the door.

2. Check the operation capabilities of the door.

In the event that your commercial garage door's automatic opener malfunctions, you still need to be able to open and close the door in order to keep your business running. It can be beneficial to regularly check the operation capabilities of your commercial garage door to ensure that you and your employees can manually operate the door with ease.

Try cutting the power to the automatic door opener and releasing the manual operation cable. Raise and lower the door manually a few times to make sure it runs smoothly on its tracks, then restore the power to the automatic opener.

3. Repair dented panels.

If you notice that there are some dented panels in your commercial garage door, it can be beneficial to replace these panels as quickly as possible. Your commercial garage door is designed to bear the weight of the door as it is raised and lowered regularly throughout the day.

A bent panel represents an area of structural weakness that could contribute to the collapse of the door. Replacing a bent panel restores the structural integrity of the door, allowing for the safe operation of your commercial garage door in the future.

Being able to properly maintain your commercial garage door ensures that you will be able to rely on the door as you send and receive goods through your company's loading docks each day.