The Three Purposes Of Proper Weather Stripping On Your Garage

24 April 2017
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Weather stripping on your garage really is not optional. You may have people tell you that it is, but weather stripping has more than just one purpose on garage doors. If you did not put weather stripping on your garage door when it was installed, you may want to to do that sooner than later. The following purposes/reasons for garage door weather stripping may be the motivating factor to help you get the job done.

Weather Stripping at the Top of the Door Prevents Bats

Most people do not know this, but the weather stripping at the top of your garage door prevents an influx of bats into your garage rafters. The bats cannot wriggle past the weather stripping to move into the garage. Without the weather stripping, there is just enough room open at the top of your garage door that allows bats to climb and wriggle through and begin roosting in your garage.

Weather Stripping at the Bottom of the Door Prevents Flooding and Mice

Weather stripping at the bottom of a garage door creates suction when the door is closed. The suction in turn prevents water from flowing inward into the garage and prevents mice from trying to wriggle under the door. It also helps create a softer landing for the garage door if you do not have a garage door opener attached.

Weather Stripping on the Sides of the Door Prevent Leaks

Weather stripping on the sides of your garage door prevents rainwater from getting into the garage. It also prevents leaks by keeping the rain or melted snow and ice from dripping into the garage along the sides of the garage. When the corners of the side weather stripping properly meet the weather stripping at the top and bottom of your garage door, that creates the perfect seal against mice and bats too. Nothing gets in or out.

Garage Door Services

If your previous garage door service did not install weather stripping, and did not offer or suggest it, you should take the time to call that company and request the weather stripping service as part of the original installation job. The technician can return and install it all the way around the garage door and make sure the seal is good and tight. He or she will also check to make sure you do not have bats so that no bats are trapped in the garage if the technician installs the weather stripping. Mice, at least, can be controlled with traps if you think you already have a few in your garage.