Troubleshoot And Repair A Metal Overhead Garage Door

12 September 2018
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Don't risk being robbed or having water seep into your small machine shop due to the inability to shut the garage's metal overhead door all the way. Even if a small gap is located near the bottom of the door, water may leak into the garage door, and a burglar could use a pry bar or sturdy tool to help them gain leverage so that the door can be lifted. Use these troubleshooting tips and contact a garage door service company to have the repair made.

Disengage The Electrical System

If your door is operated electrically, try to differentiate between an electrical issue and a problem with the door's structure. To do so, temporarily disengage the electrical system and try to move the door up and down manually. If the door catches in a particular area, inspect the sides of the door and the grooves that the door's edges are resting in to determine if debris has become wedged in the grooves. If so, clean them with a shop vacuum. Rinsing off either side of the door with a strong stream of water may also help. Try to move the tip of the hose directly against the sides of the metal door so that the water works itself into the track that the door is connected to. The pressure from the water will knock debris loose.

Have The Electrical Wiring Inspected

After you have finished cleaning the door's track, attempt to lift and lower the door by hand. If it seems to be moving smoothly and you are able to close the door, turn the power back on to the door and test the buttons on the control panel or your remote control unit to determine if the door is opening and closing all the way.

If you are not able to get the door to move completely up or down or if the door is making a grinding noise, an electrical issue is likely the problem. The wiring needs to be inspected and possibly replaced.

Do not test the electrical parts of the door on your own if you have no knowledge about how the parts operate. This job should be handled by the person who installed the door or by a licensed electrician.

Let the technician or electrician know how long the problem has been occurring and point to the height that the door typically closes before it gets stuck. This information may be helpful and will inform your hired help which wires they need to inspect and possibly replace.