3 Signs You Should Replace Your Old Wooden Garage Door

30 May 2017
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If your garage has an old, wooden door, you may wonder if the time has come to replace it with a newer one. If so, look for the following three signs that you should replace your old, worn-out garage door.

Wood Is Cracked Or Rotting

The first thing you should inspect when deciding whether or not to replace your wooden garage door is the structural integrity of the door itself. When looking at the front and back of the door, see if you find any large cracks or small, thin breaks in the wood.

If you see any signs of cracking, it may be a matter of time before the door breaks. Eventually, water inside these cracks will expand and contract with temperature changes. These temperature extremes could eventually lead to larger cracks and irreparable breaks in the door.

Also, look along the outer edges and sides of the door for signs of rotting. If you see any, this means the wood has started to deteriorate from the inside out. 

Door Rollers No Longer Slide Easily

Another thing to examine on your garage door is your ability to open and close it. If you are no longer able to slide the door easily, the rollers may be rusted or starting to break apart.

Along with inspecting the rollers, inspect the door's tracks. Over time, the metal may have rusted or started to bend, making it difficult to move the door without jarring. Eventually, you may not be able to open or close the door fully, leaving the contents of your garage unsecured and vulnerable to theft and the weather.

Lock On The Door Has Broken Off

Speaking of security, your garage door cannot protect your vehicle and other possessions without a lock. If the integrity of the wood around the lock has become rotten and compromised, it may be in danger of breaking off. Or, it may have already broken off, leaving you with no way to secure your garage door.

Since the wood around the lock is not easily fixable, you probably will not be able to replace it. In this event, you may want to have a new door installed that has a better, more secure lock.

If your old, wooden garage door is exhibiting any of the above signs, you should consider having it replaced. You may want to contact a garage door installation business to have them inspect your current door, then recommend and install a new door that suits you and your family's needs.