Best Garage Door For Your Business

29 August 2017
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The best garage door for your business will be determined by the type of business you have. Several factors such as safety, traffic, economy, ease of operation, and maintenance requirements are only a few factors that you may consider when choosing which garage door will fit your business. Here are some common garage door choices that business owners make, so that you can compare your needs to theirs. Aluminum Sectional Doors: This type of garage door is lightweight and would require very little maintenance, since it is not corrosive. Read More 

Should You Replace Your Garage Door?

29 June 2017
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Living in a single-family home brings along with it maintenance responsibilities that include being able to recognize that a piece of equipment is no longer serving you well. Your home's garage door may still be working for now, but you should start thinking about replacement when these signs can no longer be ignored. Old Appearance If you ever want to leave and sell the property to another person, the appearance of the house's garage door is important. Read More 

Easy Fixes To Get A Stuck Garage Door Moving Again

22 June 2017
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If you have recently purchased a new home and your residence has a garage door opener, then you may have some difficulties trying to open the door the first time. If so, this may mean that the door itself has an issue that needs to be resolved. Fortunately, there are some fairly simple problems that may be causing the issue. Keep reading to learn about a few and to find out how you can address the issue. Read More 

3 Signs You Should Replace Your Old Wooden Garage Door

30 May 2017
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If your garage has an old, wooden door, you may wonder if the time has come to replace it with a newer one. If so, look for the following three signs that you should replace your old, worn-out garage door. Wood Is Cracked Or Rotting The first thing you should inspect when deciding whether or not to replace your wooden garage door is the structural integrity of the door itself. When looking at the front and back of the door, see if you find any large cracks or small, thin breaks in the wood. Read More 

How To Stop Your Garage Door From Rattling And Squeaking

19 May 2017
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If your garage door squeaks or rattles when you open and close it, the noise can quickly become annoying. Likely, you're tired of cringing every time you push your opener button! Here is the good news: you can usually fix this issue on your own. Follow these steps to get rid of the noise. 1. Tighten the Bolts and Screws All of that noise may be coming from a single loose bolt or screw that's throwing the door off balance. Read More